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Summit open to all!

The Sonora Summit vineyard tours are popular

We’ve recently had a few question whether you have to be a grape producer and importer to participate in the upcoming Sonora Spring  Summit in Hermosillo, Mexico.  The answer is an emphatic: NO!  In fact, with speakers in the area of motivation and international market trends, all our guests find the program relevant and interesting.

Juan Laborin, head of the Sonora Grape Growers Assn. and also MSQ Treasurer, is host of the Sonora Summit

What’s also important is that this event is hosted by MSQ Board Treasurer and head of the Sonora Grape Growers Association, (AALPUM) Ing. Juan Laborin.  A grape grower himself,  Juan is a very knowledgeable and a perfectly-charming  host! 

In previous seasons we have had 300 +/- guests for our two-day event, and this year we also expect a good crowd because, in addition to the regular Summit tour and speakers, our staff  and agencies will be there to honor our Masters of MCS:  receivers in North America who have excelled in procurement and promotion of Mexico produce.  We’ve mentioned the 2009 winners in a previous post here, but this year’s winners are a secret until the event!

Given that just about 100% of the Sonora grape industry is certified by MSQ we look especially forward to this event to catch up with our grower members and supporters.  We are also happy to greet our media friends who are there to learn about the latest industry developments.

The Summit begins with tours of vineyards next Thursday (15th) afternoon.   This is always a pleasant experience as the weather is still relatively cool and the ranches already look lush with fruit for the May harvest.  The scenario is very pleasant, especially at sunset when we all gather at for a typical Sonora carne asada (barbecue), followed by the Masters of MCS awards ceremony.

On Friday, we begin right after breakfast with an impressive list of speakers, including officials from the USDA and related agencies,  followed by the eagerly-awaited crop forecast.  This is when the media present turn up their translation transmitters (the event is simultaneously translated English/Spanish) and the eyebrows raise as the different growing areas and ranches report their crop status…

In all, this is the launch to the eagerly-awaited spring grape season, and an occasion where you can meet some new industry members, learn something interesting, and bask in the warm Sonora hospitality. 

We urge you to attend, but remember:  the event is popular and spaces fill up fast on a first come/first served basis.   If you have not yet made your reservations, please contact right away:

AALPUM (Sonora Grape Growers Assn.), at (520) 829-4295 (from U.S.), or in Mexico: (662)260-0176 .  Ask for Monica or Nora.  Or e-mail  

Hope to see you there!


MSQ by the numbers

MSQ promotes in chains across Europe, Asia, U.S. and Canada and even "at home", in Mexico

At Mexico Supreme Quality we are continuously focused on return on investment (ROI) for our growers and import partners.  That means we measure our efforts annually to see where we are and where we’re going. 

While our marketing efforts in the U.S. are still in relative infancy, those in Asia, Europe and the U.K. are more “mature”.  That is in large part due to the fact that quality control programs have been in place longer there than in the U.S.   These markets are thus more familiar with origin labeling, certification systems and imports overall.

In Mexico we are also a proven entity in supermarkets, and our aggressive consumer marketing outreach for the MSQ Seal of Excellence has yielded impressive results.  Remember that “at home” our efforts — in addition to fresh produce — includes certifying and promoting the huge pork, cattle, fisheries and dairy industries, plus other items not currently being exported.

While we are already seeing great interest and support for our program in North America, some of these stats from our 2009 annual report help illustrate the reach and breadth of our program both home and abroad:

  • Over 5000 MCS-trained grower personnel and MCS field consultants to date
  • More than 35o Mexico grower operations served by MSQ
  • Over 290 are already fully certified (to date…more each day)
  • Increase in number of MSQ-certified growers each year: 20-30%
  • 24 states  represented by the certification system
  • 45+ different training manuals and modules
  • 50+ chains actively supporting the MSQ program.

(To receive a copy of the recently-released MSQ 2009 Annual Report, call 1-877-281-9305 or e-mail


Welcome to MSQ!

 Thank you for visiting Mexico Supreme Quality’s (Mexico Calidad Suprema) site dedicated to importers as well as retail food safety and marketing executives throughout North America.   Soon we will be posting regular updates about our 2010 Seal of Excellence perishables certification program of benefit to you, so please check back.
Meanwhile, if you need any more information, please click on the “About MSQ” page above, contact our U.S. agency at: 1-877-281-9305, e-mail, or visit  
Thank you for your support!


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