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What is MSQ?
 The Mexico Supreme Quality (MSQ, or Mexico Calidad Suprema, (  program is a private/public partnership between the Secretary of Agriculture of Mexico (SAGARPA), the country’s foreign bank (BANCOMEXT) along with other governmental and agricultural groups.  The mission of MSQ is to ensure Mexico agricultural producers meet the most stringent protocols for quality, safety and sanitation. 
What are the standards?
The protocol followed by the MSQ program is familiar to most North American perishables buyers, and includes Good Agricultural Practices (i.e. GlobalGAP).  The multi-step grower certification process includes the following:
  • SELECTION.  Only top-quality, export-ready producers are invited to participate in the program, which is funded by the grower in partnership with MSQ.
  • CERTIFICATION.  This months-long process ensures growers understand all certification norms through training in GlobalGAP and other food safety protocols by MSQ’s extensive field team of trainers around the country.  They also undergo extensive field, packing-house and transport audits performed by independent groups such as Primus Labs, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and others.
  • AWARD.  All producers who complete the certification course successfully receive permission to use the special Seal of Excellence (above) which defines the MSQ program.  The Seal can be used in all packaging and marketing venues, providing receivers and customers with instant assurance of top quality.
  • CONTROL.  Even after certification, grower operations continue to be minitored for adherence to protocol.  This is critical for long-term quality control.

How MSQ Benefits You

 By sourcing MSQ-certified products, you…

  • Provide assurance to your consumers about what they are buying
  • Differenciate your chain and products from the competition
  • Receive informational materials and in-store promotion support that spells more sales
  • Position your company as leaders in food quality, safety and sanitation practices.

Don’t delay in becoming a part of this important program, especially in light of the pending U.S. Food Safety bill.  Remember that we can provide comprehensive food safety education seminars and materials for receivers, retailers, and consumers. 

To participate, simply contact our U.S. agency today at 1-877-281-9305 or e-mail for more details.

For a PowerPoint presentation about our program, please click here: 



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